Baby Shower The Price is Right Game

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The Price is Right game is perfect for people to get interactive and play the guessing game! This game is very easy to set up, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!


  • Print out for game (check out my free printables section!)
  • Assortment of baby items (I've listed the ones I've included in my free printables).  I am huge into organic items for babies, so what I've shared on Amazon are items that are probably a little pricier.  If you are pretty flexible, you can also pick up lower priced items, just make sure they are safe and non-toxic for babies.  The guest of honor can also use these items afterwards! Another way to get these items is to include them in the registry.  Make sure you write down the individual cost of these items somewhere.
    • Small package of diapers
    • Package of wipes
    • Toy
    • Jar of baby food
    • Bottle
    • Pacifier
    • Lotion
    • Socks
    • Baby book
    • Teething ring

1. Let your guests view these items throughout the start of the event.

2. Pass out the print out and have guests write down what they think each items costs and the total.

3. Once they are finished, you can go through to check answers and tell them the actual price of each item.  Give them your grand total, and the guest who is the closest wins!

You can now be a pro at setting up the price is right!