Watercolor Invite, Sign, and Games Printables


We have our first free printable on our website! This printable is perfect for the baby shower and includes the invitation, games, and signs.  The theme is watercolors in shades of blues and purples. I absolutely love watercolor designs, as they exude such a sense of calmness yet beauty.  

The signs in this printable kit include:

  • Invitations
    • Invitation (sample with name & details)
    • Invitation (editable with name & details)
  • Signs:
    • Welcome sign (generic)
    • Welcome sign (sample with name)
    • Welcome sign (editable with name)
    • Mimosa bar
    • Dessert bar
  • Games:
    • The Price is Right game
    • Decorate a Onesie station
    • Don't Say Baby game
    • Baby Shower Bingo game

These are all sized to by 5 inches by 7 inches.  Feel free to print these at home or at a local shop.  I've left black borders so you have an easy place to cut these.  It's a lot cleaner if you cut these professionally (if you head over to Kinko's you can use their cutting machine).  Make sure when you print you size these at 100% (they may try to fit to page). Also, for items where you will need to print a good number, it might makes sense to print two to a page.  These signs look great in cheap photo frames (Ikea, Dollar Store) or even on some simple card stock with little holders.  

To edit the welcome sign and invitation, you will need software that can edit PDF's (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader).  Hope you enjoy these, and I welcome any suggestions or improvements!